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What is xAPI Bridge?

xAPI Bridge is a fully conformant and validated Learning Record Store with data integration and customization features. xAPI Bridge comes complete with a layer for accepting and parsing statements; we call it the Content Statement Processor (CSP), as well as a Learning Record Store for storing those statements and reporting on the later.

Designed To Be Simple and Flexible

Customize. Integrate. Record

Give your LMS the information it has always wanted!

Who is xAPI Bridge for?

xAPI Bridge is for organizations that need to integrate a Learning Record Store with a Learning Management System where the focus of the LMS is data reporting, and the focus of the LRS is to control the type of data, the structure of the data and the pieces of the data that get to the LMS.

Full Logging and Debugging

Catch and debug issues in real-time with our built-in debugging engine. Record your statements and review your historical logs with the integrated Statement Viewer.

Customize and Route Statements

xAPI Bridge provides hooks to integrate your xAPI Bridge LRS with external systems allowing you to integrate with LMSs or even other LRSs. You can customize your integrations by writing scripts that make HTTP calls to other systems, or you can use our prebuilt scripts for quick and easy integration.


Integrate with other LMS and LRS systems easily using the API customization and integration layer.

Full Request History

The integrated Statement Viewer provides in-depth details about the data received by the LRS.

Refire Statements

Statement Viewer also allows you to refire a statement that is already in the system back into the Content Statement Processor layer allowing you to execute saved statements on the fly.


xAPI Bridge provides an in-application way to move data to other systems in real-time.

With xAPI Bridge you can chop and slice statements into their various parts, in real-time, and send them along to a Learning Management System or another Learning Record Store. Capturing and reporting learning experiences has never been easier!

About Our Company

JCA Solutions is a software company, specializing in e-learning standards. The e-learning standards we support are SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, Tin Can / xAPI / Experience API, AICC, CMI5, Common Cartridge and QTI.


We have an award-winning, process-oriented, team that prides itself on its attention to detail. Our focus is on e-learning standards, and our goal is to create value for our customers by providing products and services to support our client’s courseware and Learning Management System (LMS) development needs.

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On-premise installation

This option allows you to purchase and run the xAPI Bridge on your own hardware and network. Great for high usage environments or when you need to serve your solutions behind a corporate firewall.
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Cloud-hosted solution

Let JCA Solutions host your system. All of our installations use Amazon S3 cloud storage for maximum security, scale-ability, and reliability.
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